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TOP 2009

Copio spudoratamente l'idea a un certo numero di blog che già lo fanno.

Top 5 Film (visti o rivisti nel) 2009:

1. Dracula di Bram Stoker (by Francis F. Coppola)
2. Watchmen di Alan Moore (by Zack Snyder)
3. Wonder Boys di Michael Chabon (by Curtis Hanson)
4. Old School (by Todd Philips)
5. Taken (by Pierre Morel)

Top 5 Libri (letti nel) 2009:

1. American Gods (by Neil Gaiman)
2. Rant (by Chuck Palahniuk)
3. L'era del porco (by Gianluca Morozzi)
4. High Fidelity (by Nick Hornby)
5. La notte eterna del coniglio (by Giacomo Gardumi)

Top 5 Comics (letti nel) 2009:

1. Sandman, la stagione delle nebbie (by Neil Gaiman)
2. Preacher, (by Garth Ennis)
3. Invisibles (by Grant Morrison)
4. Hellblazer, abitudini pericolose (by Garth Ennis)
5. Iron Man, Extremis (by Warren Ellis)

Top 5 Serie TV (vista nel) 2009:

1. Californication (by Tom Kapinos)
2. Skins (by Brian Elsley & Jamie Brittain)
3. Big Bang Theory (by Chuck Lorre)
4. The Prisoner (by Bill Gallagher)
5. Scrubs (by Bill Lawrence)

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